About Us

We are a team

We are a team

… of electronics experts that specializes in manufacturing, processes, marketing and sales, value engineering and process optimization.

Our approach to consulting has been shaped by our many years of experience. Our highest priority is to implement the strategies and concepts that we develop together with our clients.

We endeavour to keep things simple, right from the start. Even complex assignments are usually based on a few simple fundamentals. Our objective is to identify these fundamentals and use them to find a solution, which can then be defined and implemented.

More than 25 years

… of experience in the electronics industry.

Management positions in the technical area (manufacture of components, power supplies, services).

International marketing and service manager (Panasonic, investment goods).

Managing director for sales, marketing and development (development and production services) Experience in medium-sized enterprises and large-scale operations.

Freelance consultant since 2001, mainly concentrating on growth, optimization and value engineering with in-depth implementation expertise.

Expertise. Experience. Success.

We have taken a step further

… the traditional approach to consulting. Right from the start, we focus on ensuring that the consultancy will lead to measurable results. Initial successes are achieved extremely quickly by means of optimum implementation. We optimize the results in several cycles and ensure that sustainable improvements are made.

+ Analysis
+ Concept
+ Implementation
+ Result review
+ Adjustments

With your approval in manageable stages.

Well-known manufacturers

… in the automotive industry and its suppliers, market leaders in the electronics industry, the components industry and the investment goods business rely on our support. Ask us for references, and we would be pleased to provide you with contacts with whom you can discuss their experience of working with us.